Policy for certificates issued by
World Wide Wedlin
Certificate Authority


Certificates from this CA is mainly for use by my self and my family. There could however be some certificates issued for friends of mine also.

Naming procedures

All certificates generated by this CA has a unique email address.

Validation of signing requests

For me and my family this is obviously trivial. For other certificates issued this is done by by some offline procedures. The only information that is checked is that the name and email address in the request points to the person that made the request. For the other fields it is up to that person what information should go into the certificate.


The private key of the CA itself is both physically protected (storred in a system not connected to any public network) and protected with a reasonably well chosen passphrase. This policy says nothing about the protection of private keys of the certificates issued by this CA.

Status of all certificates issued by this CA can be found on line from a link at the CA home page.

Revocation of a certificate can be done by contacting the CA administrator.

Name and address of CA administrator

Mikael Wedlin
Hedborns Gata 53

Phone: +46 (0)13 17 67 59
Email: mikael@wedlin.pp.se